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Membership Fees

Membership fees are payable yearly. We would appreciate if you would arrange for them to be paid by standing order, paid on 31st January of each year.

Individual membership 45 Euro
Family or partner membership 60 Euro
Student or apprentice 15 Euro
Corporate membership 100 Euro

Membership Form (German) 2023

Donations or special contributions are always welcome.

Donations and fees are tax deductible and the society issues you with a confirmation in accordance with the German Tax Authorities’ „Geldzuwendung/Mitgliedsbeitrag“ aus (§10b EkSt).

Bank Details
VR Bank Nürnberg
IBAN:  DE78 7606 9559 0004 1303 16 (from Oct 2021 onwards)
BIC:    GENODEF1NEA (from Oct 2021 onwards)