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Question: Our daughter would like to work  in the UK during the summer holidays. Who could help us?

Answert: Take a look at the British Council website. Their website has lots of information about summer jobs and learning English in the UK.

Question: Who could help me find an English speaking child minder or au-pair?

Answer: The “Bundesagentur für Arbeit” offers practical help in the search for English speaking personnel. Another organisation that could also help is the “Verein für Internationale Jugendarbeit, Ortsverein Nürnberg e.V.

Question: Where can we find an overview of the institutions in Nürnberg that have connections to the UK or the English language?

Answer: There is a city pathfinder (Stadtwegweiser) for Nürnberg. Search under “Englisch” or “Britisch” (note the German spellings) and you’ll get a list of societies, organisations and institutes.

Question: I’d like to contact native speakers who would be able to help me to improve my English. What is available in the region?

Answer: Go to the British Lifestyle section and check the “Conversation” section.