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„111AAA DBGN Website maintenance

This page contains notes about maintaining the DBGN website:

  1. DO NOT delete any old pages. SImply remove the pages from the existing menus (dmem German or emem English) In this way we keep an archive of the society’s activities.
  2. DO NOT change any of the version settings on any of the plugins.
    1. The Events Calendar V5.8.0 is the only version that display our calendar correctly – upgrading to V5.2 introduces charging for a number of features that were free 5.0 and earlier. Not having the features mena that our menus no longer work correctly.
    2. Work is in progress to correct this problem and we might have to pay for the 5.2 PRO version
  3. Backups are created ad-hoc using UpdraftPlus – Sichern/Wiederherstellen
    1. Before you start work, create a new backup using UpdraftPLus – ie state before changes
    2. Make any changes necessary
    3. fundamental changes/deletes – but see point 1 above – create another backup – ie state after changes