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Annual General Meeting 2018

Well set for the future

Professor Dr. med. Dr. med. h.c. Hermann O. Handwerker talking about “Neuroscience Today”

Professor Dr. med. Hermann O. Handwerker

On Tuesday 13th March 2018 the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft Nürnberg e.V. held its Annual General Meeting program in the CPH Pirckheimersaal. Members and guests were first invited to a presentation by Herr Professor Dr. med. Dr. med. h.c. Hermann O. Handwerker, a neuroscientist, on the topic “Neuroscience today: Is there a free will? The Brain Awareness Problem from the viewpoint of a neuroscientist”.

Prof Handwerker’s explanation covered a period from ancient times through to the latest neuroscience findings since the 1930s, together with an insight into the development of scientific methodology and references to easily accessible literature. He concluded his talk with an entertaining outlook, based on concrete examples, of the subject of perception and awareness processes. The subsequent questions from the audience revealed the high level of interest Prof. Handwerker’s lecture had produced.

Annual General Meeting

After a short pause, the members convened the Annual General Meeting

A Resignation

In February Frau Lore Stürmer took everyone by surprise by tendering her resignation as Vice-President. During her 9 years in office she defined the DBGN’s cultural direction, now well established. She capably and skillfully supported Herr Harald Schmauser, the former President and, after his death, guided the DBGN singlehandedly through challenging times to the election of the new board in 2017. The bouguet of flowers was but a small thanks from society members. As she will remain a member, her skills and knowledge will not be lost from the society and we will be happy to welcome her at future events.


The 2018 Program: New and Proven

An overview of the society’s events over the previous 12 months was circulated to the attendees, and the society is well placed to provide a similar program of events for the coming year. An important component of this strategy is the final ratification of a cooperation agreement between the DBGN and Caritas-Pirkheimer-Haus ensuring availability of suitable facilities for those future events. On this basis, DBGN can move forward, secure in the knowledge that the events will be promoted to a much broader audience.


Jan Grensemann, currently Secretary, was unanimously elected to the role of Vice President. A solicitor by profession, his legal knowledge will be a welcome addition to the board’s capabilities.

Alexander Satt, a graduate of FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, experienced gymnasium teacher and currently Webmaster, was unanimously elected to the role of Secretary. He will be well placed to combine his secretarial duties with his existing role as Webmaster.

Both stressed their appreciation for the excellent cooperation within the Board and want to continue to contribute ito this. They will be involved in shaping the change the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft Nürnberg e.V. is currently underging, together with the current President, Mr. William J. Blundell, and the Treasurer, Mr. Bernd Glückert.

In this way, Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft Nürnberg e.V. which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, can face today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with confidence.